Grabber Joins Astar’s #Build2Earn Program!

Grabber is officially eligible for dApp staking on Astar Network! We are thrilled to announce that your favorite community building and token distribution platform, Grabber, has been approved by the Astar community to join Astar’s Builder’s Program on March 30th! To boost our development efforts in the Astar ecosystem, we have been whitelisted into Astar’s […]

A Complete Participation and Claiming Guide to Astar Airdrop

The process of claiming your tokens consists of two major steps: participation and claiming. Both of these steps are essential and cannot be skipped.  Here is the timetable for the event: Participation: Beginning  00:00 UTC Saturday, January 14th 2023 End 23:59 UTC Monday, January 16th 2023 Vesting: Vesting Level Allocation proportion Duration 1 25% 18:00 […]

Grabber x Algem collaboration results are here!

The end of 2022 was a really exciting time for us at Grabber. It marked the successful launch of our amazing product, a unique new token distribution platform that pioneers on-chain wallet scoring and prediction marketing in crypto. As the CPO of Grabber, I am proud to announce the success of our first use-case, which […]

A Complete Guide to Astar Airdrop

Just a few simple steps to participate in our scored airdrop event with Astar Network!

$ASTR token review

Astar Token $ASTR is the utility token which fuels the Astar Network - a multi-chain dApp developing hub that supports Ethereum and WASM, and concurrently one of the biggest parachains on Polkadot.  

What is Astar, and How Did It Get To The Top of Polkadot Ecosystem?

If you’ve delved into the world of blockchain just a little further than the surface, you’ve probably heard of Astar. It’s one of the biggest Polkadot parachains and it's creating a buzz in the blockchain community. 

A Complete Guide to Algem Airdrop

Just a few simple steps to participate in our first event!

Algem, or How to Eat Your ASTR Cake and Have it Too

Algem is the leading Liquid staking DeFi dApp on top of Astar Network. It's currently the 3rd ranking dApp in Astar network in terms of unique active wallets and the 8th Astar’s dApps in terms of total value locked. 

Born in Winter: What we learn from 3 crypto startups that survived

Previous crypto winters definitely left a lot of projects buried and forgotten. An exhaustive list of over 1,700 defunct tokens can be found on However, we’ve already had two crypto winters. So what did we learn from those?

Our mission

Hi, we’re Grabber. And our mission is to create incentivization without the risk for the community.

Crypto Airdrops: How to Make Them Successful? 5 Big Projects to Learn From

For users, airdrops are an opportunity to get free coins or tokens and get to know the platform that offers them. For projects - a chance to attract interested users. Reviewing 5 successful airdrops!

Grabber Upcoming Events!

And we begin! The first events on the Grabber are starting in the nearest days!

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