Born in Winter: What we learn from 3 crypto startups that survived

Previous crypto winters definitely left a lot of projects buried and forgotten. An exhaustive list of over 1,700 defunct tokens can be found on However, we’ve already had two crypto winters. So what did we learn from those?

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Crypto Airdrops: How to Make Them Successful? 5 Big Projects to Learn From

For users, airdrops are an opportunity to get free coins or tokens and get to know the platform that offers them. For projects - a chance to attract interested users. Reviewing 5 successful airdrops!

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What Are Blockchain Bridges, and Why are They Important for DeFi?

Blockchain bridges provide a way to quickly move tokens or other assets from one chain to another. They unite blockchains and allow cryptocurrencies to move between them — without the need for large intermediaries. But their existence is a risk...

What Are Ethereum Tokens? What Types of Tokens Are There? Guide to Asset Types in DeFi

Several hundred thousand (!) tokens were created on Ethereum, almost all of them different in their purpose and functionality. But basically all of them fall under five main categories. Understanding them is almost mandatory to navigate the world of DeFi.

What Are Smart Contract Wallets, and Why They Are Essential for DeFi

Smart Contract Wallets combine convenience with security, and allow for flexibility of use. If you don’t have such a wallet yet, it’s probably worth getting one, at least in order to understand how this technology works.

How to Replace Your Ethereum Address With a User-Friendly Name — And Why You Should Do It

Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a non-profit naming framework for blockchains aims to increase wide-spread adoption of crypto technologies. It solves problems with names of wallet addresses and reduces the fear users have about transactions with cryptocurrency.

How Does Cryptocurrency Have Value, and Why Should I Care?

Some people describe advantages of cryptocurrencies and say that they are better than traditional money. At the same time, there are many skeptics who believe that "there is no value in these currencies, except that people believe they have value". So who is right here?

Making Money on dApps: How to Build a Successful Decentralized Application

Decentralized applications can be much more profitable than regular apps. They are integrated with blockchains, making it inherently easier to transfer funds. The creator of Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, now has a $3 billion valuation, despite having released only one game. Is it a one-off? Or can we repeat this success?

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