Grabber x Algem collaboration results are here!

<strong>Grabber x Algem collaboration results are here!</strong>

The end of 2022 was a really exciting time for us at Grabber. It marked the successful launch of our amazing product, a unique new token distribution platform that pioneers on-chain wallet scoring and prediction marketing in crypto.

As the CPO of Grabber, I am proud to announce the success of our first use-case, which was realized in collaboration with another strong team in the blockchain sphere – Algem. We were very lucky to start as strong as we did, with such a great partner as Algem on our side. And it feels even better to announce the results of this experimental collaboration.

Here’s a brief look at the event results: Over 5100 users registered for the event on Grabber, over 3100 verified their wallets, and over 2500 had on-chain event registrations, with 528 of the best users winning the airdrop. Pretty impressive, right?

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into this story.

Grabber’s mission

First, let me recap what Grabber is. We see it as the market necessity that the industry hasn’t yet realized it needs.

The harsh crypto winter of 2022 has the crypto market in full survival mode. With some of the giants crumbling or holding on for dear life, it’s even more difficult to start something new. Marketing isn’t landing in the fertile “bull-market” soil that was promising Xs for everyone who showed up. The oversaturated industry is full of vultures and hunters trying to get by, dumping all the tokens they can get their hands on for a quick buck. Startups go belly-up pretty fast. Good projects need a new community building and distribution model that will achieve its purposes without additional expenses. Money is tight, and the marketing has to be direct and effective. The key is simple – incentivization and motivation for the right users, the ones who know how to utilize tokens and can help build the project during these trying times.

We at Grabber are committed to increasing the chances of token utilization by experienced users, which is why we developed a scoring system to identify and reward only those who are likely to adapt and use tokens and coins effectively. This way, we are able to minimize the risk of market price drops and build stronger, healthier communities. Our team has vast experience in community building, which helped us pave the way for the unique methodology we developed for Grabber. 

By using our data to carefully select recipients for their tokens, our collaborators can be confident that they are rewarding users who are exponentially more likely to utilize and engage with their tokens. This is a major advantage over traditional, randomized distribution methods, which often resulted in tokens being dumped shortly after the airdrop.

How we did it

For this collaboration, we linked up with Algem and asked them for some specific criteria to locate their desired users. For example: what smart contracts do their desired users run frequently? Do they sell/buy NFTs? What number of ETH transactions do they have behind them? Algem is a pretty fresh project still building its community, so what they wanted from the collaboration was for us to isolate some experienced users. These would be builders who have already proven by their on-chain activity that they know how to utilize the potential of blockchain.

After we got our initial feedback from Algem, we got to work.

We organized an event! Although a different one, at the end of the day it’s still an airdrop! We set up our website for the event and trumpeted all over relevant Twitter feeds to gather a crowd. Oh, and a crowd showed up! Over 5100 users were welcomed by our first-ever event! Intrigued users were transported to Grabber’s website, where they signed up, registered, hooked up their ETH wallets, and clicked “claim”. By the end of the event, we had over 2500 on-chain participation confirmations!

After that, we began our scoring process. Since it’s all on the blockchain, all of the on-chain data is available for analysis, although it takes a lot of work. But Grabber’s superpower is its analytical tools, which allow us to transform all this data into a clear and concise picture. So we did our magic.

Scoring is fun! You obviously want to get the best and most skilled users. But how good is too good? 

Some of the users (obviously pretty skilled hunters) went on to even skip the registration step and go right for the smart-contract. They tried to plug about a 100 accounts to the contract and maximize their chances to get the drop. But our security system highlighted their suspicious activity and they were ousted pretty quick.

There are a few indicators that can identify airdrop hunters easily. The first and most obvious is just to take a look at the user’s credentials. Some hunters were smart enough to put “drop hunter” (or a variation of that) in their email address or twitter handle. However, on-chain activity can oust a flipper even more blatantly than their name, and our technology allows us to do just that! 

We also encountered some decent profiteers among our participants! And to them we say: “Hey, If you’re reading it, great job and keep hustling!”

Anyways, after we pounded out our scoring results, we presented our partners at Algem with a detailed, interactive set of user data that included information on smart contracts, transactions, gas usage, profit/loss, dApp staking participation, and past airdrop participation of users, and a lot more. Over 500 users were found to be fitting criteria set by Algem at the beginning. These would be the experienced builders the Algem was initially looking for. They will receive their piece of an airdrop. 

These selected users later had to confirm their participation and then they had the vesting schedule opened up for them on our Website. After that it’s just basic vesting – one chance of receiving tokens in multiple periods. Wait longer – get more. 

Why don’t we let Algem tell us about how they’ve liked our collaboration for themselves: 

“Algem team would like to thank the Grabber team for the work they have done during our collaboration as well as their flexibility and availability to satisfy our various requests. 

The tool developed by Grabber is very interesting for a project that wishes to attract new users while avoiding airdrops hunters, it allows to better know the on-chain behavior of the internal users of the project as well as those targeted. 

For the distribution of our ALGM token, we were able to refine the eligible users with an on-chain activity relevant to us (Defi, liquid staking, farming, dApp staking) on Ethereum as well as on Astar Network. From 2500 participants, we have obtained a group of 528 addresses that we qualify as “good users” and that will receive our token. 

We will continue to use Grabber’s services to better understand the behavior of our users and we recommend that you contact Grabber to help your project build an organic and healthy user community.” G’. Co-founder and COO of Algem


In conclusion, the Grabber x Algem collaboration was a resounding success. It demonstrated the potential of our platform in revolutionizing the token distribution and community building process in the oversaturated crypto market. We are excited to see what the future holds for Grabber and look forward to collaborating with more teams in the blockchain sphere.

To sum it up, the Grabber x Algem collaboration was a major triumph. As the CEO of Grabber, I am thrilled to report the successful launch of our token distribution platform. Our unique scoring system allowed us to identify and reward experienced users who know how to make the most of their tokens. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good airdrop? All jokes aside, this collaboration showed off the potential of our platform in revolutionizing the token distribution and community building process in the crowded crypto market. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our journey.

By Nik Novo, CPO of Grabber

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